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Insta Filters

Our booth software allows your guests to add some Instagram-style filters to their photos before printing. The options appear on the booth touchscreen right after capturing the images, and your guests can try the different effects before proceeding to print their photos. These work especially well with our gold and silver sequin curtains!

Insta-Filters are included as standard but if you don't want them just let us know!

Animated GIFs

Each time the booth takes a set of three or four photos (depending on your template choice) it automatically produces a GIF of the different poses. These are hugely popular at present, and absolutely fantastic for sharing on your social media platforms. You can see GIFs from past events via this link - and to date our GIFs have had over 217 MILLION views!

Guest Book & Extra Prints

Popular at weddings, our guest books are 20cm square and come in a choice of black, white or tan. We'll supply the book, some metallic pens & glue and print an extra copy of each photo for your guests to paste in the book and write a personal message.

Green Screen Backgrounds

Instead of one of our eight backdrop curtains, we hang a green curtain inside the booth. Your guests choose from a number of preset background images, and our software will automatically apply this to their photos! Great for a themed party, and especially good at Christmas.


LightningShare uploads your photobooth snaps to a gallery before they've even printed! You and your guests can access your photos with your smartphone instantly, and share them to your own social media channels. Once your event is over, we'll remove the images and upload everything to a full gallery on our website.

* LightningShare is subject to us getting a strong 4G connection, or an un-interruptable wifi connection provided by your venue

Hashtag Printer

Our hashtag printer puts the photobooth in your guests' pocket! They snap a photo with their smartphone, upload it to Instagram or Twitter with a preset hashtag and seconds later it pops out of the booth! No need to hire an additional piece of equipment, as it's integrated with our existing setup.

Premium Photo Templates

Instead of our standard strip or postcard prints, why not upgrade to one of our amazing Premium Templates. With over 60 to choose from, we're sure to be able to provide one that's just right for you. Take a look at all of our templates now....

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